TikTok Creators Successfully Secure Injunction

TikTok creators successfully secured an injunction, by Judge Wendy Beetlestone, in federal court.  The Honorable Judge Wendy Bettlestone granted a temporary halting of the restrictions against the app. The restrictions were set to occur on November 12, 2020, after President Trump issued an executive order in August stating that it was a national security threat and necessary to prevent Beijing from exploiting the apps to collect user data or disseminate propaganda. The first part of the ban, which would have removed TikTok from app stores was postponed in September after a federal judge in Washington granted a preliminary injunction. The D.C. judge suggested that the proposed ban against TikTok may “likely exceed” the bounds of the law.

The current lawsuit fighting the ban in Pennsylvania was brought by creators Doug Marland, Cosette Rinab, and Alec Chambers, the federal court judge said in her decision that the ban would cause creators to “lose the ability to engage with their millions of followers on TikTok, and the related brand sponsorships.” Despite the injunction, the Justice Department can still appeal the injunction like it has done in the D.C. case.







Image: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/sep/27/tiktok-us-judge-set-to-rule-on-ban-preventing-new-downloads-of-app

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