Florida Governor Gives Football Teams O.K. for Full Fan Attendance

On the heels of his decision to move Florida into Phase Three of reopening, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has granted all Florida stadiums clearance to reach their maximum fan capacity. According to radio personality Andy Slater, a spokesperson from the Governor’s office told Slater that the Governor gave the Miami Dolphins (“Dolphins”) the go-ahead in allowing the full capacity of 65,000 fans to attend home games. Mr. Slater followed up by noting that this clearance was not only extended to the Dolphins, but also to the rest of the Florida sports teams, both on the professional and collegiate level.

This announcement comes two weeks after the Governor publicly stated that it was his expectation that the Super Bowl, in Tampa, would take place in front of a full crowd come February, 2021. However, this doesn’t come as a surprise, as Florida had been one of the few states that permit limited fan attendance at football games since the season’s beginning. 

Fred Piccolo Jr., the Governor’s Communication Director, shot down the report of a explicit clearance. There was “no state clearance” and “sports franchises can do as they see medically and safety wise in their best interests” under Phase 3, Piccolo tweeted. Regardless of whether an explicit clearance was given from the Governor, it looks as though sporting events in Florida are trending back to the pre-pandemic norm. 






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