Performing Arts and Movies Hit Pause in Wake of COVID-19

In these uncertain times, virtually everyone is cooped up in their homes with seemingly little entertainment (aside from Netflix, but even that can get tiring – but yes, Netflix, I’m still watching you). Many are taking this time to bond with their families, while others are trying to get by and stick it out alone. Regardless of the situation you’re in, you’re stuck inside without any indication as to when you can go out and be entertained again!

Famous music festivals like Coachella have been postponed, while others like the Governor’s Ball have been canceled for the year. Luckily, a lot of your favorite venues are doing their best to make themselves accessible to you from the comfort of your home.

Although 80% of movie theaters in the US have closed because of the virus, many of them postponing film releases to the fall of this year, AMC Theatres on Demand has made it possible for moviegoers to rent and purchase movies digitally. Other films have made it possible to stream their films as opposed to a traditional theater release, too.

This year, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts canceled all of its annual summer festivals, including Midsummer Night Swing, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, and its Mostly Mozart Festival. Alternatively, they decided to put on a free pop-up festival in celebration of the city of New York, as well as all of the people who are working on the frontlines every day serving the community during the COVID19 crisis, when it is finally safe enough to do so.

The Lincoln Center has also made a lot of programming available for streaming, along with the New York Philharmonic. The famous Juilliard School has also made some of its art classes available to the public via social media outlets like Instagram.  Similarly to the Lincoln Center, other venues have made their performances available for streaming such as The Public, home to the first-ever production of Hamilton.

So while we all patiently (or impatiently) await the final word as to when we can go out again, at least we have some options to keep ourselves busy!


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