New York Yankee Brett Gardner Forced to Act Against Crazed Fan

New York Yankee Outfielder Brett Gardner has a lot more to worry about than just this upcoming baseball season.

Gardner has asked for an order from a Bronx judge to keep a crazed fan away from him and his family. The fan, Gina Devasahayam, refers to herself as Gardner’s “future wife.”  Not only did Gardner’s attorney file an order of protection against the fan to keep her at least 500 feet away from him and his family, but the Yankees also want her banned from all Major League Baseball parks.

Gardner claims that Devasahayam has stalked and harassed him and his family. The Yankees have taken every action necessary in order to protect Gardner, especially with spring training taking place. Security guards were given Devasahayam’s picture and were ordered not to let her in the gates or near Gardner.

Devasahayam has a bad history with the Yankees, as she was kicked out of Yankee Stadium last year during a playoff game in October. Devasahayam then brought suit in Bronx civil court against Gardner, the Yankees, and the MLB to lift her ban from Yankee Stadium and to give her clubhouse access. In her complaint, she wrote, “I request the Court to grant me access to the Stadium in accordance with MLB fan policy and also in accordance with ‘Significant other’ of MLB player Brett Gardner… I am a Yankees fan and also the future wife of Brett Gardner.” The Yankees have sought to have the lawsuit dismissed.

Devasahayam was also kicked out of Oriole Park at Camden Yards in August when she tried to sneak into the Yankees’ clubhouse to see Gardner. Though Devasayaham has never actually met Gardner, she claims there is a video of Gardner motioning his hips (appearing as if he is having sexual intercourse with Devasahayam), and that Gardner makes a “sad face” when she does not go to the games. Devasahayam even wants to have a family with Gardner; She said that she plans to move to Long Island in order to plan a family with him.

Devasahayam knows that Brett Gardner is married, but apparently, she does not care. She believes that MLB is painting her as a “crazy fan” and a threat to safety. She maintains that Gardner wants her around. Devasahayam’s obsession with Gardner started in 2015 when she emailed the then-Yankees manager saying that she was fascinated by Brett Gardner. She also sent Gardner a love letter.

Devasahayam was arrested in 2003 for trespassing in the house of an ex-lover, and in 2004, she had to undergo court-ordered psychological therapy. In 2012, a judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Devasahayam where she alleged that a professor from the University of Virginia sexually harassed her.

Gardner says he does not want to give light to anything that Devasahayam is alleging; He is just excited to be back in pinstripes and looks forward to the upcoming season.


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