Will the $5 Million Dollar Suit Against The Weinstein Company Stick?

It should! According to the negligence complaint filed, The Weinstein Company had knowledge of Harvey Weinstein’s repeated actions of sexual misconduct and that he would use his power to force young actresses to participate in sexual acts with him. Furthermore, it has become public knowledge that the Board of Directors of The Weinstein Company knew about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior and inappropriate tactics. Thus, any company that is aware that it’s employee is sexual predator, and continues to endorse such behavior by continuing their employment, should absolutely be held liable for their conscious decisions.

In addition to the company knowing of the reported sexual misconduct, it appears that The Weinstein Company was aware that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator prior to being employed by the company. According to reports, Weinstein’s most recent employment contract provided him a safe-harbor should he be in violation of the company’s Code of Conduct. The safe harbor is that he would be obligated to reimburse the company rather than being fired. According to Devin McRae, an entertainment litigator in Los Angeles, “the provision demonstrates that the company was well aware of his propensities… and so much so that it came into the negotiation of the contract in which it was, ‘You could keep your job if you keep doing this.’” How absolutely disgusting and disappointing is that?

The class action suits brought against The Weinstein Company should stick, as the company acted negligently in not only employing a sexual predator, but continuing his employment after becoming aware of his despicable acts. Corporate America continually allows the sexual exploitation of women to be an acceptable “norm.” When is this going to end?


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