Ruff Times for Lisa Vanderpump: Real Housewives Star Sued Over Luxury Pet Clothing

Real Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump has found herself in the midst of a legal battle, but not without her always-fashionable Pomeranian, Giggy, by her side. Yana Syrkin – designer of pet clothing, collars, and other related products as the creator of Fifi & Romeo – is suing Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, for breach of contract, fraud, conversion, and unjust enrichment. Syrkin claims that the couple has failed to give her brand the credit it was promised in social media posts and is using her designs to launch their own petwear line called Vanderpump Pets.

The relationship between Syrkin and the couple goes back to 2012 when the parties agreed that Syrkin would create outfits for Giggy and only charge Vanderpump the manufacturing costs in exchange for promotion of her brand. All was well until the parties decided to launch a partnership selling luxury pet clothing in 2015 under the label Fifi & Romero for Vanderpump Pets. Syrkin states that, after this deal was signed, Giggy continued to wear her clothing without crediting her. Soon after, Syrkin discovered the couple’s new pet clothing and accessory line, which she claims is where the couple has used her samples and designs.

In response to the complaint, Vanderpump and Todd stated their overwhelming love for Fifi & Romeo and that, considering their plans to release a line together for the Christmas season, this came as a surprise and setback for them.


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