It’s 2017 and We are Still Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been notorious for posting their relationship troubles on popular social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter. Last year, in December of 2016, their first big break up occurred. Kardashian posted multiple pictures and videos on Instagram of their new home and nursery for their newborn daughter, Dream, and made it known that Chyna took their daughter and left him. There were nasty rumors spread about each of them causing the break up. The two defamed each other all over the media with no remorse. Kardashian accused Chyna of plotting their marriage and child so she could divorce him and take his money. He posted multiple screenshots of conversations Chyna had with her attorney on Instagram. This was not only an invasion of privacy but an invasion of attorney-client privilege. Attorney-client relationships are meant to be kept privileged and private. If this conversation was offered for proof in any hearing or trial, Chyna’s lawyer has a duty to invoke privilege, and it should be excluded from evidence. Chyna lashed back with rumors that Kardashian had mental issues, refused to seek mental help, and self-medicated. Shortly after their on-again, off-again relationship came to a halt in February 2017, the two were battling on social media about custody over their daughter. Chyna sought full custody and only wanted to give Kardashian visiting rights. While this custody battle was going on, the defaming and rumors continued. Kardashian accused Chyna of cheating on him during throughout their relationship.

This past July, to add fuel to the fire, Chyna sent Kardashian a video of her kissing an unidentified man. Kardashian posted the video on his Instagram page and captioned it “Hahahaha Chyna just sent me this video saying happy 4th of July what a crazy person, Come spend time with your daughter … ” In another Instagram post, he posted a screenshot of their text messages followed with multiple nude photographs of Chyna and her alleged drug use. He was soon banned by Instagram, and his account was deleted, because he violated the terms and conditions by posting the nude photographs. Kardashian then began another rant on Twitter about the entire ordeal.

Kardashian could have faced major legal consequences for both civil and criminal proceedings. Under California law, revenge porn is a misdemeanor offense. The law provides that the perpetrator must know or should have known that the distribution of the porn would cause the victim serious emotional distress. Critics argue, because Chyna liked the pictures on Instagram, she did not suffer any emotional distress and enjoyed the attention. However, if Kardashian was convicted, he could have faced jail time, fines, and years of probation. This could have jeopardized his ability to gain custody over his child if he was convicted. Chyna was also likely to have a civil action against Kardashian for emotional distress and defamation.

Recently, the two have finally agreed to co-parent and end the custody battle over their daughter. As a result to settling the custody issue, Kardashian also agreed to stay away from Chyna and not contact her. Chyna agreed to cancel the domestic abuse hearing against Kardashian that was scheduled for September 18, 2017. Chyna’s legal team recently addressed some of the rumors that Kardashian was spreading in the media. Chyna did not pursue any legal action such as a defamation action against her former fiancé. Instead, they released statements confronting the rumors. One rumor in particular was that Kardashian accused Chyna of leaving their daughter home to go out and party. The statements released explain Chyna was working and left her daughter with a nanny.

Chyna still retains a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Kardashian for posting her nude pictures on social media this past summer. In California, a domestic violence restraining order is a court order that helps protect people from abuse or threats of abuse. Some of the capabilities it has is it can restrain the person to not contact you, stay away from your work and home, follow child custody and visitation orders, pay certain bills and pay child support. While their custody battle is finally settled, there are many other disputes left between the estranged pair.


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