Leaf Beef: Snoop Dogg and Toronto Maple Leafs Fight Over Logo

Rapper, Snoop Dogg, is dealing with a trademark issue for his product “Leafs by Snoop” logo for marijuana products such as cigarette lighters. Snoop began selling his Leafs by Snoop line of marijuana flower and cannabis products in Colorado last November.

Snoop Dogg filed a trademark application with the United States Trademark and Patent Office (“USPTO”) in November 2015.

Before a trademark can be registered with the USPTO and enforced by a trademark holder, the mark must be published for opposition in the Official Gazette. After the mark is published, a party who thinks it will be damaged by the registration of the mark can oppose the registration. The party has thirty days from the publication date to file opposition or request an extension of time to oppose. If the party does not succeed in their opposition or there is no opposition, the applicant may begin the next stage of their registration process.

The National Hockey League (“NHL”) team, the Toronto Maple Leaf’s, filed opposition against his application for “Leafs By Snoop” logo.

The team claims that Snoop’s logo uses the same spelling of the word “Leafs” instead of “Leaves”, the cannabis leaf on Snoop’s logo is similar to the team’s eponymous leaf, and the white font on the leaf is highly similar to Maple Leaf’s design mark.

In August, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (“MHLSE”), which owns the team, requested an extension for time to oppose a number of trademark applications in connection with Snoop’s mark.

The NHL, MHLSE, and Toronto Maple Leaf’s are working towards a resolution on this matter.


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Snoop Dogg and NHL Team Are Fighting over Trademark

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