Editorial Board and Members

2018-2019 Editorial Board


Alessandra Pellegrino Pulit

Managing Editor of Productions

Christina Yotides

Managing Editor of Development and Relations

Urva Ahmed

Acquisitions Editor

Eric Shalyutin

Executive Articles Editors

Director of Expositions

Jesyca Kamenetsky

IT and Media Editor

Urva Ahmed


Senior Associates

Kyle Banas

Kevin Richard Douchkoff

Adam Levine

Marissa Massimore

Rob Panzera

Kristopher Renock

Junior Associates

Michael D’Ambrosio

Giovanna DiFilippo

Andrew Esoldi

Danielle Grant

Olivia Kamenetsky

Michael Martinez

Mackenzie O’Brein

Alexandra O’Donnell

Gianna Popola

Kaitlyn Suydam

Falisha Walcott



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